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FOLKLORE:  2019 - present


Folklore disappeared for nearly a decade before reemerging for some live shows starting in 2019.  Around that time, members of the band started working together long distance to lock down the tracks on a batch of new recordings that would become The Curse EP. On this album, Folklore mythologizes those acute summer psychologies of longing that make the difficult and peculiar moments of childhood seem grandiose. The characters of each song find themselves stuck not only in time but in their own small towns, in the centripetal forces of family and relationship dynamics, and in the limitations of their own expectations and imaginations. Aesthetically, the album intentionally plays with the tensions between order and chaos, and between sweet, playful melodies and discordant asides. The expansive palette of the ever-evolving Folklore micro-orchestra provides a range of instrumentation that investigates and reinforces these tensions in a way that shows that they follow their own advice: “If you’re bored now, don’t be bored forever.”

The players returning to work on this record come from the original Athens and Philadelphia band rosters with Jimmy Hughes, David Specht, Che-Na Stephenson, Raoul De La Cruz, Jason Henn, and Scott Churchman all contributing while also introducing to the mix the talents of Rob Fields and songwriter Steve Fitzpatrick, who also wrote two of the songs on the album. The band plans to continue recording more music with another EP already in the works and an invite sent out to all members of Folklore's past to return to the fold whenever they are ready.



FOLKLORE:  2005 - 2013


In 2005, Jimmy started writing the Folklore songs as an outlet for unfinished fiction, a collection of connected stories written as songs rather than prose. From this experimental project the Athens GA band was born and performed and recorded the first two records:  Jon Croxton (drums / guitar), Aaron Jollay (bass / trombone), Ian Rickert (bass / clarinet / harmonica), Che-Na Stephens (clarinet), Raoul De La Cruz (trumpet), and David Specht (oscillator / violin / bells)


Folklore formed as a mini-orchestra of players led by Jimmy Hughes. A veteran to the Athens music scene where he played with the likes of Elf Power and Vic Chesnutt, Hughes took the songwriter role when he formed Folklore in 2005 to create two conceptual albums: The Ghost Of H.W. Beaverman (2007) and Carpenter’s Falls (2008).  Both based around a grandiose tale with different vocalists cast to sing each song, these albums offer splendid melodies at every turn with clarinets, strings, trumpet, didgeridoo, and more forming the backdrop to songs that critics called poignant, provocative, heartbreaking, and haunting.


ATHENS BAND PIC click here


In 2009, Jimmy relocated to Philadelphia PA where he managed to find eight people who wanted to continue playing as Folklore, and within months of moving there, the band was already playing regular club shows and house shows.  So what would have most likely faded into a lost bedroom project became a stronger than ever live band in Philadelphia: Jason Henn (drums), Chad Arnett (guitar), Scott Churchman (bass), Avalon Clare (clarinet), Yianni Kourmadas (bass clarinet), Cheryl Nguyen (violin), Andrew Keller (viola), Jordan Burgis (guitar)




Folklore's next offering  Home Church Road (2011) presented 13 songs telling the epic story of a future Earth after human extinction and features performances by all of the Athens cast as well as the Philadelphia players. In this story, only a few species of mammals, birds, lizards, and bugs remain.  They peacefully coexist on Earth until the day they discover, alive but buried in the ground, a human priest.  This is Loki.  Loki is a shape-shifter and his friendly manipulations and seductions will ensure the rebirth of the large carnivorous beasts and dinosaurs that once roamed the Earth.








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