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We've been locked in the basement for almost 6 years, but through a coincidental chain of events, we have been freed and will be playing another show this Saturday June 15th at The Barbary in Philadelphia along with Kevin Hairs, Nicole Yun, and Thrills. Please come join us if you're around. We will be playing old favorites and a few new tunes.


See ya Saturday,

Jimmy & Folklore




Although we did play a couple of parties over the past year, Folklore has been more or less on hiatus with live shows, but we're coming out of hiding to play a show with our old friends Elf Powerat the newly reopened Boot & Saddle.  The show is Sunday October 6 and also playing with Folklore and Elf Power is a great Philly band Avery Rosewater.  If you know you are coming to the show then you can grab tickets in advance by clicking here.


Also, I just  made all of the Folklore albums downloadable for free over at the Folklore Bandcamp Page so swing by there for a listen, and if you like what you hear you can download whole albums and bring them with you on the go.


See ya in South Philly next Sunday,

Jimmy & Folklore




Not much going on at the Folklore camp lately, but we should be playing some more shows this Fall.  In the meantime, I've been teaching music at a local preschool and have been loving the opportunity to work with these kids.  We've even been learning some of my old favorites like CCR "Looking Out My Back Door", Flaming Lips "She Don't Use Jelly", and The Beach Boys "Vegetables".  I also stumbled upon another review of Folkore's Home Church Road recently in The Big Takeover while flipping through magazines at the bookstore.  You can read the review here or check out the PRESS page.  All three Folklore albums are now available for free listens and reasonably priced downloads at Folklore's Bandcamp so head on over there to check out some tunes.


Thanks for listening,

Jimmy & Folklore




We made a music video for the song The Deer off the new album.  You can watch it here.  We had a lot of fun making it, so hopefully we'll shoot some more of them to you share with you.  We're also going to start recording the next album soon and we'll keep you posted.


A nice review was written here of our last live show at the Cake Shop in New York City.  Our next live show in Philly will be a good one... we're playing Saturday June 23rd at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens at 1020 South Street.  We will be playing amidst the beautiful mosaic scenery in the art gardens, and we will be joined by Buffalo Stance and Laser Background.  Show is at 7pm sharp and ALL AGES, but those who are of age may BYOB.


Ta ta for now,

Jimmy & Folklore




Folklore tour dates have been announced for our April 2012 East Coast Tour.  Here's the upcoming shows:

Friday April 6 - Asheville, NC @ Craggie Brewing Company

Saturday April 7 - Athens, GA @ The 40 Watt Club w/ Real Estate + Twerps

Sunday April 8 - Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave w/ Clinton Johnson + Jphono1

Monday April 9 - Arlington, VA @ The Galaxy Hut w/ Deleted Scenes (solo)

Friday April 27 - New Paltz, NY @ The New Paltz Town Library w/ Breakfast In Fur

Saturday April 28 - New York, NY @ The Cake Shop w/ Overlord +The Hairs + Pale Lights

Sunday April 29 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie w/ Kind Of Like Spitting + Little Big League


Also, I just made the new Folklore album (as well as the 2 older out-of-print albums) available for the first time digitally via Bandcamp.  If you'd like to help us put gas in our car for our upcoming tour then please consider donating in exchange for a download of the album.  Every little bit helps and you can buy single tracks for $0.50 each or whole albums for $5.00.  All orders are safe and secure via PayPal and you can also listen to the whole album for free at this site:

CLICK HERE to order digital albums / tracks.


You can also order the album on CD or Vinyl LP using PayPal right here by clicking the STORE button on the left. Thanks for your support.


Keep On Chooglin',

Jimmy & Folklore




Folklore store is now open.  Click on the STORE link on the left to order Folklore CD's, Vinyl Records, and T-Shirts.  All orders made through this site will help us get out on the road to play rock shows for you the fans, so thanks for your support.


We also have a couple Philadelphia shows coming up... an All Ages show at Little Berlin on Saturday December 17 with our friends Quiet Hooves from Athens, GA and then our first show of the New Year will be Thursday January 26 at Kung Fu Necktie with Dare Dukes and On The Water.  Come out and party with us if you can.


Happy Holidays,

Jimmy & Folklore




Folklore will be playing at the North Star Bar in Philadelphia on Friday October 21 opening for Kevin Devine.  I hear that the show is well on the way to selling out in pre-sale so if you plan to come to the show you might want to consider getting your tickets in advance.  Folklore plays first and the show is All Ages so everyone is welcome.  Thanks to Kevin for asking us to play.  We are very excited about it.


I also added a Storybook section to this website with lyrics, backstory, and lovely illustrations by Hannah Campbell so now you can read / sing along to the Home Church Road concept album while you listen.  Think about it as a dark children's book where the main characters are mythological animals and everyone is doomed.  Enjoy!


All stages for all ages,

Jimmy & Folklore




While on our last tour, Folklore recorded a live studio session with our friends at the always impressive, ever expanding DayTrotter.com and the session was posted today for all to hear streaming or to download for free.   We played 3 songs from the new album that just came out, Home Church Road, plus we played one from Carpenter's Falls with my college buddy Adam Spiegler sitting in on didgeridoo.  The other players on this session were: me, Jon Croxton (Athens), Jason Henn (Philly), Avalon Clare (Philly), and Jordan Burgis (Philly).  It was a fun tour with lots of memories, and here's a good way for you to get a little glimpse of Folklore's live show if you can't catch it in the flesh: Folklore Daytrotter Session Sept 11, 2011


Holler from the hilltops,

Jimmy & Folklore




Some nice reviews are up now for the new album and more to come.  I am also booking shows now for the Fall so if you want Folklore to come play in your town then get in touch with me now.  In the meantime, check out these reviews at  Delusions Of Adequacy, WXPN: The Key, Three Imaginary Girls, Fense Post, Origivation Magazine, and Flagpole Magazine to find out what people are saying about Folklore's new album Home Church Road.  Also, I am working on getting a store set up here so folks can order the album easily and directly from us. That should be up soon,  but for now you can always order it from Single Girl Married Girl Records.


How 'bout some cheese please?

Jimmy & Folklore




Folklore will be supporting a couple of dates on the Elf Power 2010 tour.  Folklore crew please represent in NYC and Philly if you can.  Here’s where we will be:

Sept 17, 2010  -  Brooklyn, NY @ The Rock Shop w/ Elf Power

Sept 23, 2010  -  Philadelphia, PA @ Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens w/ Elf Power


Hope to see you on the road,

Jimmy & Folklore  




 My friend Philip Ryan took some lovely photos of us playing live at the Cake Shop on April 5th 2009.  You can see them all here.

Also, we have completed a video for the song The Beginning off the Carpenter’s Falls album.  You can watch it here.

see you on the corner,

Jimmy & Folklore




January 11th saw the re-release of our first album The Ghost Of HW Beaverman on the Irish label Indiecater Records. They are currently promoting this record in Ireland/UK and anywhere with the internet.  To read more about this re-release visit: Folklore on Indiecater Records.


I have also started a Folklore Fan Page on Facebook.  If you find yourself facebookin’ a lot these days then come be a Folklore fan on Facebook.


So dear to my heart,

Jimmy & Folklore




The big news here is that somehow Folklore has already reformed in Philadelphia (where I live now).  We are now an 11 piece band and the group is a bunch of really fun people and great musicians.  After several practices, we’re really excited to play out and we will get our chance to here in Philly opening for Elf Power and Vic Chesnutt on Sunday January 25th at the North Star Bar.  This will be our first show since my move to Philadelphia and the first show with the new band.  Please come out early (8:30 on the dot) to see our set consisting of some all new material and 4 or 5 from our last two albums… this show will also be somewhat of a CD release party for our new-ish CD Carpenter’s Falls which came out on bumbleBEAR records back in October, but I was in the middle of the move and also on an Elf Power tour when the album came out, so we didn’t have an official release show. But the album is now out and you can order it on CD from me or from bumbleBEAR.  There is also a nice review of the album up now at PopMatters.com.


Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year,

Jimmy & Folklore




I am moving to Philadelphia for a bit, so these upcoming shows at Athfest are the last for awhile for Folklore.  One is at the 40 Watt Wednesday June 18th and we will play our last set of Folklore originals then… show two is Friday June 20th at the Georgia Theatre and at that show we will be playing The Kinks’ classic “The Village Green Preservation Society”… Wednesday’s show is FREE to all and Friday’s show is FREE if you have an Athfest pass.  Please come out and party with us… we’ll be partying down as it might be my last couple of jammers in Athens for awhile.  Thanks for all the support and don’t fear… we are still a band and will play together every chance we get… plus, we have a new 14 track CD in the works, so late 2008 or early 2009 will see a new Folklore album entitled “Home Church Road”… I will keep you updated.


“God Save The Village Green!”

Jimmy & Folklore

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