everybody should be rapping.

Wow! All these tracks are super old, like 6-7 years old.

Try our slightly newer MySpace page, of course, or download our entire album of real songs at A Bunch of Beatniks Riding a Rocket.

It's Gone Bad (02:07) 1.9MB
        live on WUGA's "Just Off The Radar"
        Recorded by JoE Silva

The Sorcerer (04:23) 5.0MB
        as recorded for a TV show

The Gauntlet (01:09) 1.3MB
        from tfl-8, nintendo appreciation comp.
        music created by Micronesia

You Got The Music (02:06) 2.4MB
        scratch vocal recording

special bonus track
The Depths Of My Laziness (03:32) 4.8MB
        by the Scrubb Emcees.
        Produced by Conni Logic and Fairmount Fair.

here's the rest of fairmountfair.com