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in the region. Nationalist sentiment has sometimes flared, but the prospect of losing economic aid from

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found it an issue. All my mates were like that. We’d just roll our eyes and go, “Oh look,

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of other results - benefits customers and businesses without unlawfully distorting the market. Four months

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and Valve were expected to step up to the plate, rumours have been flying around that the product of their

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the teens exchanged after the encounter in a campus building’s dark and noisy mechanical room on May

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set tough entry requirements, reflecting their concerns about corruption and organised crime. After a series

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it's also struggling to stay open, with its MD, Carlos Gomes saying it was only a matter of weeks before

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to cast off the island's reputation as a tax haven, signing tax information exchange deals with over

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there have since been signs of life in the peace process, with occasional meetings between the Armenian

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house where he had previously stayed withMiriam Lass and Abigail. There they wait for the Dragon who

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she took me to Dublin for mine. We’ve also been to France, Egypt, Amsterdam and most recently

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of efficiency savings over the next four years. In the foreword to the report, published yesterday, Sir

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its 5,500 hectares of surrounding farmland, where it grows wheat, soya and oats. The situation is mirrored

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obstacles aging Americans face today," he says. "Once cash value is built up in your policy, you can

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Ukraine; the fourth is the desire to end sanctions against Iran; and the latest is again in Syria. It is a hard

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which won their earlier matchup 3-1. The international game ended not with a dramatic homer, but with

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on my property each year, in the main due to mortgage interest, but if I sell the property I will lose

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military will guarantee peace on the Korean Peninsula. However, Forbes weighed in on Thursday, saying

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change was irreversible. Elections in summer 1989 ushered in eastern Europe's first post-communist government.

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remains to be done before there can be any serious prospect of EU membership. After nearly 13 years on the

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