FOLKLORE  -  “The Ghost Of H.W. Beaverman” CD  -  $10.00

At the beginning of 2007, after three years of being a band and two years of performing out live around Athens GA, Folklore completed their first full-length album entitled The Gho st Of H.W. Beaverman.  Immediately afterward, the band booked an extensive East Coast tour and managed to fit a SXSW performance into the mix, and all this within 3 months of the album’s completion.  But the album has not had proper release until now… bumbleBEAR is proud to present: Folklore!

“Jimmy Hughes might be best-known as a guitarist for Elf Power, but word is spreading of his Athens-based band Folklore. As Jimmy explains, the band's first album, The Ghost of H.W. Beaverman, peels away the layers of the legend it tells, one track at a time, until it reaches epiphanies that are pretty ambitious for what is, essentially, a pop-rock album. What makes the record even more unique is that each track is voiced by a different singer, the names of whom might be familiar to devotees of Athens music: Andrew Rieger (Elf Power), Amy Dykes (I am the World Trade Center), Jon Croxton (Wee Turtles), Bren Mead (Masters of the Hemisphere and Vetran), Ian Rickert (Bugs Eat Books), Heather McIntosh (The Instruments and Circulatory System), Scott Spillane (Gerbils and Neutral Milk Hotel), and, of course, Jimmy himself. But those wary of elaborate concept albums should check out Folklore, if only to see how they can be done right: The Ghost of H.W. Beaverman plays as a collection of beautifully-crafted pop songs, and the story they happen to tell only gains resonance the deeper you dig.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Jeff Kuykendall - Optical Atlas


This release is currently being promoted as a digital release by Indiecater Records overseas in Ireland, to order a digital copy click here.


Release Date: January 15th, 2008 / Format: CD / Catalog# bBR-54 / Distributed by bumbleBEAR: email us for rates/catalog

Folklore interview at Optical Atlas & Pop Matters / Folklore press pic1 / Folklore press pic2 / Folklore one-sheet .PDF


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bBR 48  2CD   $10

Masters of the


“Last Show Ever”

bBR 47 out of print

Murder Beach

“How Big This Is”

bBR 46 out of print

Miss July

“Foxy Moron”

bBR 45  CD  $10

Tullycraft tribute

“First String

Teenage High”

bBR 44  CD  $10

Miika Grady


bBR 43  CD  $10

Boys’ Star Library

“Sugar & Water”

bBR 42   7”   $3

National Splits

“Grab The Bottle

And Run For The Hill”

bBR 41  CD  $10


“Perfect You”

bBR 40 out of print

Holidays Comp



bBR 39 out of print

Sabado Domingo

“First Day Of Our


bBR 38 out of print

Miss July

“A New Level Of


bBR 37 CD $10

Gray Home Music

“Where Do You


bBR 36  CD  $10

The Emily Rock


“Pop And Fade”

bBR 34 out of print

Jen Turrell /

The Bright Lights

“Summer Tour 2003”

bBR 33 out of print

Bugs Eat Books

“At Sixes And


bBR 32  CD  $10

Mike Skinner

“Staring Into Spaces”

bBR 31   7”  $3

Bunsen Honeydew


bBR 30  CD  $10


“Build Your Own


bBR 29 out of print



bBR 27 out of print

Boys’ Star Library

“If I Was Born A


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bBR 51 out of print

Bugs Eat Books

“Against The Sun”

bBR 52  CDep   $3

Christmas Ape

“One Year Til Christmas”

TITANS OF FILTH  -  “Feats Of Strength” CDep  -  $4.00

Titans Of Filth are a relatively new band swimming in the vibrant music scene of Athens Georgia, but one that's quickly working its way into the hearts of many.  The Titans are a five-piece folk-pop outfit: Sam Grindstaff's distinctive shaky Southern voice and guitar strumming, Ian Mittler, Jr. on bass, Ann Rogers playing violin and singing, multi-instrumentalist Emily Armond adding flute, piano, and banjo, and Nate Mitchell holding the backbeat.  With narrative lyrics that run in the tradition of The Smiths and Belle & Sebastian, the songs often draw inspiration from small-town life in the conservative Christian communities on the outskirts of North Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains. The music is gentle, inviting, simple, catchy, and very much to the point, a perfect marriage of prime Magnetic Fields and "Jamboree"-era Beat Happening.  You will be surprised at how these slices of life in the Bible belt can be so richly represented in mere two minute songs.  Titans Of Filth have been steadily making their mark within Athens's music community, performing at The Secret Squirrel, Caledonia Lounge, and the legendary 40 Watt Club.  The group performed at Popfests in New York City as well as in Athens in the Summer of 2007. This is the band’s second e.p. recorded with Jason NeSmith (Casper & the Cookies, Of Montreal, The Late B.P. Helium) at Bel-Air Studios in Athens.  The band will be performing live in the South East as much as possible, culminating in an East Coast tour planned for early 2008.


The Titans like their music to be made available for free so if you would like to download mp3’s of “Feats Of Strength” then click here.


Release Date: January 15th, 2008 / Format: CD / Catalog# bBR-55 / Distributed by bumbleBEAR: email us for rates/catalog

Titans Of Filth interview in Flagpole Magazine / Titans Of Filth press pic1 / Titans Of Filth one-sheet .PDF

TITANS OF FILTH  -  “Best Behavior” CDep  -  $4.00

“There comes a point in the process of growing up when you can not only appreciate the comedy of awkwardness (when you’re no longer so raw from experiencing it firsthand as an adolescent) but also its gut-twisting gorgeousness. That is, Lolita would not be Lolita if she were fully poised, adult and formed. The five-song Best Behavior EP Titans of Filth put out this year had that quality of trembling, freckled oddness that doesn’t yet know it’s much prettier than the lipsticked blonde currently attracting all the attention in the room. Will these guys blossom completely? And do we even want them to, when shy glances through a fringe of unevenly trimmed bangs are so much more appealing than an expensive haircut and an ability to make eye contact.”


                                                                                                                                                                                           Flagpole Magazine - Top 10 Athens Albums of 2006


The Titans like their music to be made available for free so if you would like to download mp3’s of “Best Behavior” then click here.


Format: CDep / Catalog# bBR-53 / Distributed by bumbleBEAR: email us for rates/catalog




GEMINI CRICKET / THE FRENCH TOASTS split 7” vinyl record

and hopefully more...


“The Tracks We Left” CD


Format: mp3 / Catalog# bBR-57


Quiet Hooves is one of the most interesting and eclectic bands to emerge from the Athens GA scene in the last couple years.  They just self-released their first full-length studio album called “No Mare Of Mine” and bumbleBEAR was so thrilled about it that we hounded them for more.  “The Tracks We Left” is a 10 track tasting of songs that didn’t make it onto “No Mare Of Mine” but that still might show up in some incarnation on future Quiet Hooves releases.


No plans to press this officially for now but please enjoy it for free by clicking here.


“Our Summer Coma” CD


Format: mp3 / Catalog# bBR-56


More lost gems from the Titans Of Filth.  This is a collection of lo-fi recordings that pre-dates “Feats Of Strength” and “Best Behavior”.  The raw quality of “Our Coma Summer” shows what truly makes Titans Of Filth powerful: strong word play and honest delivery.  Though this lost album doesn’t have the charismatic studio touches, it is still a fine full-length treat and an important part of the Titans history and discography.


No plans to press this officially for now but please enjoy it for free by clicking here.

FOLKLORE  -  “Carpenter’s Falls” CD  -  $10.00

As a follow-up to 2007’s The Ghost Of H.W. Beaverman, Folklore has created this 12 song companion piece as their second full-length release, telling peripheral stories to the Beaverman tale ala JD Salinger’s Nine Stories to his Franny and Zooey . This album is an expansion on Folklore’s Carpenter’s Falls EP released in 2006 with some of the same songs re-recorded and re-mastered and 7 all new songs, divided into two chapters: Ghost Stories and Ancestry.


“The follow-up, Carpenter’s Falls, began life as a brief tour-only EP, revisiting Lake Bonaparte and Mr. Beaverman with another full-length that acts like the dark underbelly of the first album. It is a much, much darker album in fact, moodier, overtly psychedelic… with more interpretations of the legend, more revelations to be undermined elsewhere. (The world of Folklore is like Kurosawa’s Rashomon, as he sings on The Corrections: “Lips emerging from different perspectives, second-guessed and accepted as truth.”) Carpenter’s Falls hands itself over entirely to Hughes’ vocals (no guests here, although the stellar band line-up is firmly in place: Aaron Jollay on bass and trombone; Jon Croxton on drums; Ian Rickert on clarinet; Raoul De La Cruz on trumpet; David Specht on keyboards.. It’s startling to hear the band redefine itself so dramatically… the swampier, gloomier stuff provides a kind of emotional resolution. In other words, the craftsmanship and thoughtfulness are just as strong on Carpenter’s Falls  a worthy second record and well worth seeking out. Listen to both and tell your friends you read a novel.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Jeff Kuykendall - Optical Atlas


Folklore like their music to be made available for free so if you would like to download mp3’s of “Carpenter’s Falls”  then click here.


Release Date: October 21st, 2008 / Format: CD / Catalog# bBR-58 / Distributed by bumbleBEAR: email us for rates/catalog

Folklore review at Optical Atlas /  Folklore press pic1 / Folklore press pic2 / Folklore one-sheet .PDF


VARIOUS ARTISTS  -  “Christmas Underground” CD  -  FREE DOWNLOAD


Back in 2001, bumbleBEAR records teamed up with Planting Seeds Records to release a holidays compilation entitled “Christmas Underground” featuring several artists from both labels’ rosters (and some close friends) playing a smattering of traditional classics plus some seasonal originals.  The CD has been sold out since its release in 2001 but usually around this time we get several inquiries about its availability.  So bumbleBEAR and Planting Seeds have decided to re-release it this year as a free gift to you, the people of the digital age.  We hope you enjoy the tunes and that they put you in the holiday spirit.  Happy Holidays from all of us at bumbleBEAR and Planting Seeds.


“The spirit of the holiday season shines so brightly on Christmas Underground that you'll want to listen to it every month of the year. The artists that Bumblebear and Planting Seeds have gathered are united by joy and a love for the coziest blankets of lo-fi bedroom pop. “

                                                                                                                                                                                              Theodore Defosse - Splendid


For a free download of  “Christmas Underground” click here.


Release Date: December 8th 2009 (Originally on CD in 2001) / Format: MP3 / Catalog# bBR-59

More info and  reviews at the Planting Seeds Records website.